3 Phase Installation

Do you need 3-phase electricity?

If your business or home needs new sub mains to run 3-phase equipment and machinery, Delta Electrical and Solar can help. We can supply 3-phase sub circuits to suit your needs, as well as service and repair all 3-phase equipment.

3-phase Meter

Our electricians are licensed to install 3 phase meters. A 3 phase meter box has eight 3 phase cables, where four of the cables are connected to the 3 phase circuit breaker while the other four are connected to the fuse board. 3 phase wiring is not as expensive as 1 phase wiring and is even cheaper to run. A single phase power system is an alternating current that uses a power wire and a neutral wire. Current therefore flows between the two wires. This system is common in homes and is used to provide power to electrical gadgets.

Upgrading your single phase system

Our electricians can connect a single phase to a 3 phase system by connecting two live conductors. A neutral and a phase conductor can also be connected in order to link a one phase system to 3 phase power. When connecting a single phase to a 3 phase system, the load from the single phase has to be distributed equally among the three phases of the 3 phase system. A three-phase system has a motor that is very efficient and is used to run conveyor belts, compressors and other machines in industries.

Benefits of 3-phase

There are many benefits that a consumer can get from the use of a 3 phase power system rather than a 1 phase system.

Some of these benefits are the option to run larger appliances such as air conditioners and welders. Having 3 phase power can also increase the amount of solar you can have installed at your home.

Who needs a 3-phase system?

Restaurants and other commercial business will need a 3 phase power system in order to operate cool rooms, multiple electric ovens, and coffee machines. In some instances, commercial properties may already have three phase power installed, but the cables are too small to run the power that is required. In this case, we are able to upgrade existing three phase systems hosting 100 amp cables with new cables to enable them to draw up to 200 amps. This way, workplaces are able to draw huge amounts of power for large industrial purposes, such as factories and mines.
For residential locations, if you have an electrical transmission line pole on your property, it is a good idea to check the base of the pole for rust. If it becomes extremely damaged, in storms and high winds, there is a possibility that the pole can be blown over and present a severe hazard. If you notice your pole has damaged, it is important to contact a qualified electrician immediately.

If you are looking to update to a 3 phase system or simply need your equipment and machinery serviced, contact us today.