What to Avoid When Installing Data Cabling

Whether you’re installing data cabling for the first time, need to upgrade an existing cabling set-up to meet new business needs, or need to repair broken cables, it can be overwhelming if you’ve never had data cables installed in your business. Thankfully, there are experts like Delta Electrical that have knowledge and expertise with the installation of data cabling.

When you’re looking to have a data cabling project done, make sure to avoid these mistakes.

Going At It Alone

The first mistake some may make is trying to do the project on their own or with a team that has no experience with data cabling installation. Data cabling experts know about all of the pitfalls of the installation process and know how to avoid them. It’s highly recommended to seek out the expertise of a professional data cabling contractor.

Not Adhering to Laws and Codes

Without expert advice, you could easily go against legal regulations and codes that have been put in place to help promote safety in the work environment. By going against these regulations and codes, you risk having to pay hefty fines. In most cases, you may even have to remove the cabling to adhere to the codes and will result in needing to install new cabling again.

Getting a Quote Over the Phone

Once you’ve found a data cabling contractor, your first instinct may be to get a quote to see how much money you may need to spend to make the necessary installations, upgrades or repairs. Knowing how much you’ll need to spend is an important part for your business. However, any quote that is given over the phone may not take into account all of your requirements. Make sure to schedule a time for the data cabling contractor to visit and provide an accurate quote for you and your business.

Not Having a Plan

Make sure that you and the contractor have a detailed plan to tackle the project with milestones that the contractor is expected to reach. This will not only help you see the progress and how long it will take to complete the project, but can verify the progress is going according to agreed conditions.

Not Having a Project Manager

A project manager for the installation of data cabling is an important part of the process. These project managers know all the ins and outs of the project and ideally know everything about the area they will be working in, your business and its needs. If you don’t have a project manager, you run the risk of the project going sideways. A project manager will make the entire project go smoothly and can make corrections and alterations as issues or requested changes arise.

If you need to install data cabling, regardless of how small or large the project, give us a call at Delta Electrician Wallsend! Our team of data cabling installation experts are highly trained, knowledgeable and experienced with data cabling installation. Our team will work with you to make sure that they understand your business, its needs and how they can complete the project in a timely manner.