Why you should avoid DIY electrical

It’s very tempting to consider running your own electrical improvements when you’re smack bang in the middle of a DIY project. Between Google and YouTube you should be able to figure out your wiring, right? Actually no, you’re dead wrong, with dead being the operative word. There are lots of reasons to call in the professionals rather than taking the riskier path and going it alone.

Take a step back from the power tools, and look at the bigger picture.

1. Are you familiar with every inch of your wiring?

Behind your walls you’ll find a maze of cabling, and it can be very dangerous if it comes into contact with an off-kilter nail or screw. Unless you’re telepathic, or you’re a professional tradesman, don’t take the risk of rerouting or adding new circuits. Know when you’re out of your depth.

2. Do you own the right tools for the job?

Improvising can be great, leading to innovative solutions. But if you take to electrical currents with the wrong tools, you risk more than just electrocution. Down the track you increase the very real possibility of starting an electrical fire, where your entire home could go up in flames.

3. Are you prepared to be permanently disfigured?

Suffering a shock is not just a quick jolt to the system. Imagine being shocked while atop a ladder. It doesn’t take an active imagination to foresee a broken neck. Or, if you’re lucky, you might only impale yourself.

4. Are you a little thoughtless sometimes?

Being absent minded while working on a DIY project could see you cutting through a power lead. There are also those who attempt to fix electrical items while they are still switched on. It sounds too stupid to be true, but these examples account for a large number of admissions to the emergency room.

5. Can you guarantee your work standards?

If your home improvements don’t meet professional codes relating to safety, you may actually render your home insurance void. So, while you might save money in the short term, you’ll pay for it in the long run. Furthermore, if you start on a project and realise that you’re in over your head, you’ll still require the services of a electrician charlestown. Fixing your mistakes might even work out to be more expensive than hiring a professional in the first place.

6. Are you ready to risk the safety of your family?

While you may be satisfied with your workmanship, there are implications for a much larger audience. Shoddy DIY jobs could endanger your loved ones, and when electrocution or fire are potentially deadly outcomes, don’t run the risk.

7. Have you considered your own imminent death?

Another sobering thought is the number of DIY amateurs who don’t survive their mistakes. Any savings of time or cost are quickly put in perspective when you consider how devastating DIY electrical projects can be.

Once you’ve come to the realisation that seeking a professional opinion for your electrical work is a smart move, contact Delta Electrical and Data. Our services range from power point installation to full rewiring, and you’re guaranteed to be in safe hands.