Facility Management

Facility Management in Newcastle and surrounding areas

Delta Electrical and Solar specialises in tailored electrical support, maintenance and service solutions to businesses and commercial properties across Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and the Hunter.

With more than 20 years of electrical experience, our team is able to deliver facility management and maintenance services promptly, whilst upholding professional standards in operational site and trade requirements. We operate all of our facility management services in accordance with the AS/NZS ISO 9001:2016. The enables us to operate at an international standard ensuring quality, safety and environmental sustainability.

Our facility management packages include regular scheduled electrical maintenance and facility testing covering

Regular safety checks

Our regular safety checks includes a comprehensive electrical audit. We observe and test the switchboard as well as all accessible cabling to ensure it exceeds the relevant industry standards. With a large amount of cabling recalled in the past 10 years, we notify our property occupants if faulty or recalled cabling is currently installed within the property. We also notify clients if lights are too close to flammable structures, as well as inspect emergency lighting and exit signs.

RCD operations tests

An RCD, or residual current device, is a safety, life-saving device which is designed to cut off electrical current in 0.3 seconds if it detects electricity flowing down an unplanned path. This significantly reduces the risk of death or serious injury in a person who accidentally comes into contact with a live wire.
Our testing devices create an illusion of an or there’s a fault in the circuit and we time to make sure that it turns off within that zero point three of a second and it’s operating correctly. We suggest that all fixed and socket RCDs are tested every three months.

Fire system checks

Our fire system checks include the inspection, testing and maintenance on all emergency lighting and exit signage. We ensure that all test switches are in place as well as simulate a loss of power to ensure the lights activate on cue. We allow these lights for 90 minutes and then check that all lights are still operating and functional. We ensure that all non-operating items are tagged and repaired immediately. The Australian Standards require 6 monthly scheduled maintenance and inspection for all emergency lighting and exit signage.

Test and Tag

Test and tag is simply the process of checking (testing) the safety levels of any electrical appliance.

A qualified electrician will first inspect the appliance visually before testing it with a Portable Appliance Tester.

This tests for three things; Earth continuity resistance, insulation resistance and lead polarity. Once checked, the appliance is tagged to indicate that it has been tested, who tested it, when it was tested and when its next test is due. See our test and tag page for more information.

Logging of power usage

Logging of your power consumption enables us to provide you with a comprehensive insight into your energy usage to help you save money.

Light fitting and bulb replacement

At Delta Electrical and Solar, we understand that maintaining high quality lighting is essential in all facilities. When lighting all bulbs fail, we will immediately replace the existing bulb or replace old fluorescent and incandescent lights with Light Emitting Diode lights (LED’s). LED’s are cool to touch, give off minimal to no heat, and reduces your overall energy consumption. We guarantee that if any LED light we install fails within three years, we will replace it for free.

24hr breakdown service

We are available to our Real Estate, Property Management and Strata clients 24 hours a day, every day of the week…no matter what!

If you are seeking a facility management provider that values prompt and professional support, contact us today!