Phone and Data

Most businesses and homes require data centres and cabling

Knowing that this data is safe and secure is essential not just in businesses, but at home too.

Our Services

If you have existing data cables located on the property of your home and workplace, we can assist you with many issues you may have with your phone, Internet, and point of sale.

Delta Electrical and Solar use advance testing equipment to diagnose the problem quickly and provide a clear solution. We test and repair Internet and phone line faults, as well as add extra phone points into your home and business.

In residential locations, we are able replace from the incoming line from the existing cable. If the existing cable is found to be broken we can replace the whole cable. If you have recently had NBN installed to a connection box located outside. From here, we are able to run cables from that box to inside your home for your modem to connect to. We are more than happy to give an extra helping hand and set the modem up for you and get you connected faster.

For offices and commercial locations, Delta Electrical and Solar can install extra data cabling back to the hub so you have access to multiple network switches.
If you need more data cables installed or help with connecting to the NBN network, contact us today.