Power Point Installation

Power Point Installation for all locations

Most homes and businesses do not have enough powerpoints to keep up with the growing technology of gadgets.

Running extension leads around can become a trip hazard and double adaptors can become a fire risk.
We can organise to install as many power points as you need in both domestic and commercial properties including indoors, outdoors, and wet areas.

How we install a new power point

Installing a powerpoint to an external wall

This type of installation occurs through a double brick cavity wall, which is always easier and cheaper. We will drill a hole in the inner brick using the cavity to pull the cable up to the roof space to join it to an existing power circuit. When there is no existing wire cables, we will install a RCD safety switch to ensure it complies with NSW laws. We always recess the powerpoint to the wall and do not use a mounting block, which can look ugly when protruding out from the wall.

Installing a powerpoint to internal wall

An internal wall is a single (non-cavity) wall which requires more work and involves more materials. This makes the installation of powerpoint to internal walls slightly more expensive than powerpoint installations in external cavity walls.
There are two options for internal walls:

  1. Chasing the cable into the wall – This is very neat just like on the external wall (no cable or conduit are visible and the power point is recessed), however, plastering and painting will be required and are not included in the installation price. This is the ideal solution during renovation prior to painting.
  2. Surface mounted ducting – This is not as neat looking as the chasing option, however, the benefit is that it will not require plastering and painting. For this solution, we mount white square ducting as an enclosure for the cable. Note that the power point cannot be recessed and we need to use a small mounting block. To minimise the visual impact of this, look for opportunities to position the new power point where there is something on the other side of wall that can hide the surface mounting ducting such as a wardrobe.

Both of these options will also include the installation of a RCD safety switch per powerpoint to ensure exceeds electrical regulations.

If you need a hand installing internal or external powerpoints, give us a call today!