Security Lighting

In most cases, security lighting is more effective than alarm systems and CCTV.

When your alarm has sounded, it is often too late and the thief or vandal has entered your home or business. CCTV is only used to help identify the criminal after the crime has occurred. Installing security lights or sensors lights, is a proven way to deter any thief or vandal before they enter your property or business.

Our Services

At Delta Electrical and Solar, we can provide a number of security lighting options to suit your home or business, and give you peace of mind.

Sensor Lighting

We recommend sensor lighting for just about every household and business. Sensor lighting is great for anyone with a dark entryway or dim lit driveway and when coming home at night, it will help you feel safer and more comfortable.

Commercial Security Lighting

Rather than sensored lighting, we suggest that commercial security lighting is installed on a timer that turns the lighting on and off. A good example of commercial security lighting on a timer would be external floodlights which are programmed to turn on and off at a predetermined given time. Timed commercial security lighting is especially important for Industrial buildings located in industrial estates as these are often dark and isolated and very susceptible to vandalism.
Security lighting is the best way to deter individuals from spraying graffiti and committing other vandalism to your home and business. Contact us today for a quote and more information!