Solar Battery

A battery in more affordable then you think. We can easily provide you a wide range of options to suit your needs including home power back up.

Delta Electrical & Solar are fully CEC endorsed to install batteries for your home.

Benefits of using a Delta designed battery system for your home.

Delta installs your system from start to finish

Unlike other providers, Delta Electrical and Solar supplies and installs your solar panels and battery. It is not uncommon for other solar companies to provide the solar system materials and rely on contractors to implement and complete the installation.

At Delta we install it, and when we’re finished, we’ll commission the system and show the customer it’s working. We then have to turn it off, and the customer will have to wait up up to 30 days before their electricity provider (organised by the customer) is able to swap the meter over.

More Energy

A DC coupled solution allows for high system efficiency. The PV power generated by your solar panels is stored directly in the battery meaning there is no additional conversions from AC to DC and back to AC. Panel-level power optimisation is also installed which enables your solar system to develop more power.

Simple Design & Installation

Delta Electrical and Solars single inverter design for the PV, storage and backup power enables us to install the entire system within 4 weeks after the approval from Ausgrid. As solar systems are installed outdoors, this allows for flexibility in battery location. As there are no special wires required (utilises the same PV cables), the closer the battery is to the solar panels, the easier the entire system is to install.

Full Visibility and Easy Maintenance

When we install your battery, we ensure that it is fully visible and easily accessible. This serves many benefits! Firstly, it allows the customer to make smarter energy consumption choices in order to reduce electricity bills by having the ability to monitor the battery status, PV production and self-consumption data. The client is also able to monitor battery energy levels and remaining hours of backup power, making it easy for them to calculate just how much energy they are either using from the grid or sending back.

Enhanced Safety

PV array and battery voltage is designed to reduce to a safe voltage upon an AC shut down when it is not in backup mode.This ensures that your house is protected as well as anyone from Ausgrid working on powerlines.