Switchboard Upgrades

If it’s not broke, don’t fix it, right? Wrong!

Older style switchboards are potentially dangerous even if they still work. As the years pass by, homeowners begin adding extensions, electrical appliances and air conditioners. The older style switchboards were only designed to operate a few lights, power points and an oven. Just think of the amount of technology and power you have in your home or business today

Delta Electrician upgrading a switchboard in Newcastle


Electrical fires can start from a faulty switchboard. Replacing an old fuse with a safety switch might just be one of the most important decisions you can make.

The Switchboard Upgrade Process

A switchboard upgrade involves changing over circuit breakers and fuses to RCD safety switches. RCD stands for Residual Current Device which is more sensitive circuit breaker which is now an Australian Standard in all new builds. If you have had your house worked on in the last 5 to 10 years, it is likely that your switchboard has been fitted with a RCD circuit breaker.

The Benefits

The benefit of having a RCD circuit breaker is that they are way safer, tripping out power in 0.3 of a second if a foreign object comes into contact with a powerpoint or an appliance faults in any way. Take the classic example of someone sticking a knife in a toaster, old circuit boards may not stop the flow of electricity, however, with the RCD circuit breakers, the power would stop in 0.3 of a second preventing cardiac arrest from electric shock. If a kitchen appliance such as a kettle or a toaster had a fault in it, the RCD circuit breaker would detect the fault and trip out the power before an accident could occur. A RCD is really a fail safe that should be in every home and business.

The Importance for Business Owners

Business owners need to ensure they have RCD circuit boards as they are required by law. RCD circuit boards are especially important for any commercial kitchen or premises that uses a lot of water. If a business is found undertaking electrical work on their premises without upgrading an old switchboard to a RCD, they could be heavily fined or have their business license taken away.

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