Electrical Test and Tag

Every portable electrical appliance in a workplace must undergo a test and tag process.

What is Test and Tag

Test and tag is simply the process of checking (testing) the safety levels of any electrical appliance.

A qualified electrician will first inspect the appliance visually before testing it with a Portable Appliance Tester. This tests for three things; Earth continuity resistance, insulation resistance and lead polarity. Once checked, the appliance is tagged to indicate that it has been tested, who tested it, when it was tested and when its next test is due.

What appliances need to be tested and tagged?

Test and tag needs to be performed on any electrical appliance that:

    1. Has a flexible cord,
    2. Has a removable plug,
    3. Is not low voltage (but does not exceed).

This can include any cord from Class I earthed appliances such as phone and computer chargers, to kitchen appliances such as kettles and microwaves. It also includes Class II double insulated appliances such as electric drills and vacuum cleaners.

Who needs to Test and Tag and how often?

Mining, demolition and construction industries are all required by law to have their portable appliances tested and tagged every 3 months.
Outside of these industries, it is not a legislative requirement for other workplaces to have their appliances tested. We do however recommend that as an employer, you have all portable appliances tested. This will ensure that your staff are as safe as possible in the workplace. Further, it can also protect you and your business from legal proceedings. If someone was hurt from an appliance that wasn’t tested and unsafe, you could be found liable. We recommend that electrical appliances within office environments are tested every 12 months.

If you are ever confused or uncertain about any of the requirements of test and tag for your business and industry, there is a governing body that oversees the Australian standards for the test and tag industry. The AS/NZS 3760 provides rules, guidelines, regulations and recommendations around test and tag including workplace identification, frequency and who can legally test and tag your portable appliances. If you’re still unsure, it is best to contact your state regulatory authority to ensure that your organisation complies with the requirements.

Our Services

Delta Electrical and Solar is fully licenced, insured and equipped to provide these services, exceeding all applicable standards and regulations.
As we specialise in testing & tagging electrical appliances, all of our equipment is state of the art and we ensure that all results are logged and stored in a database for reporting and audit. All of the tags we distribute have an individual ID and barcode for tracking so we are able to implement a testing schedule for future work. We can and will satisfy all of your OH&S requirements, all for one fee per tag!